Established in 1980 with humble beginnings, we started life as the "Hitam Glass & Decors" founded by Mr. Dan Bihari Khandelwal. Even at that time, the company had the lofty vision of being an nationally recognized Glass & Complete Fenestration. Many things have changed since then - however, our core remains the same - to provide our Countrywide customers with solutions that improve their lives. Today, we function under-listed company - Hitam Group, which consists of our glass products and home & building fenestration. Hitam Group enjoys the patronage of many customers across India. In fact, we are proud to say that our products touch our customer lives in many ways, from school to the home to the workspace.


While we pride ourselves on our financial performance and growth, we believe that a business must exist to deliver more than profits. While profitability is the oxygen that allows us to grow and reinvest in our businesses, people and communities, it is not the reason for our existence.

We exist to deliver value to our customers by understanding their needs and constantly delivering solutions to meet those needs, while continually improving efficiencies to ensure we deliver the best value for our customers' money. It is for this reason that we have a simple vision - "To be the most customer centric company in India". At the heart of our company is our people - be it our employees, vendors or partners. We believe that herein lies our true source of long term competitive advantage.

We are constantly we investing in information technology systems and software that equip our channel partners to be as productive and technology forward as possible. We invest in our people in many ways from training and development, various employee engagement initiatives, empowerment in decision making, allowing the freedom to make mistakes and providing continuous and honest feedback. We allow our people to give time to social causes that matter to them and encourage them to think beyond themselves.

We believe in a high performance and meritocratic work culture where our people can question and improve our strategies, tactics and procedures in order to improve our focus on our core - Adding value to our customers' lives.