Our vision is the most customer-centric company in India.

We believe that organizational values shape organizational culture and help guide daily decision making at every level. That we have a detailed set of values and principles that we have collaboratively derived and that each member of the Hitam Group family subscribes to.


INTEGRITY :- We conduct our business sincerely and fairly, with honesty. We abide by the highest standards of ethics in all our financial dealings, regardless of the amounts involved Judgement & decisions are taken on the basis of fact & figures; not based on perception.

CUSTOMER FOCUS :- Long term relationships with our customers. Value addition to our customers. Value for money to our customers.

RESPECT :- We give honest and constructive feedback to help people achieve their full potential We treat / deal with every individual with utmost dignity, empathy and professionally We encourage team work and never hesitate to offer credit to others.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT :- We believe in continuous quality improvements in our products and processes through innovation and team work We strive to understand internal and external benchmarks and improvise ourselves to reach them We make efforts to understand new trends in the market place and innovate products/ services to capture these trends.

ACCOUNTABILITY :- We take ownership with our decisions and hold ourselves accountable for both success and failures We find alternative paths to success rather than waiting for direction our customers

SAFETY :- We value human life and our bodies more than profits We practice continously to reduce the risk of loose human life or property.